My Experience with Semi Automatic Espresso Machines

Most espresso and coffee fanatics claim that price dictates the quality of the shot brewed. I, on the other hand, strongly disagree with them. Price doesn’t always dictate the value. Instead, price dictates the features of the espresso machine. For instance, the high end machines are mostly super automatic meaning that you don’t have to do anything rather than pushing a button. Some of them also come with pre-programmed one-touch espresso and TFT features.

What I came to understand is that, most of the best espresso machine under 500 are semi-automatic and here the quality of the shot will depend on your skills. A wide majority of the best semi automatic espresso machine for 2016 available on the shelves are very easy to use. The first espresso cup I made was from a semi-auto espresso machine from Breville. The machine itself was quite stunning for a price tag below $500. While I used semi-auto machines I loved the fact that they give you the freedom to adjust your drink to suit your what your lips desire. Therefore, whichever flavor I desired, I got.

A vast majority of espresso machines that I tried out in the past usually came with a 15bar pressure pump which was suitable for the force required to crush the coffee beans. There will also be a stainless steel water boiler or thermos-coil heating system. Such a heating system is very durable as most of them brewed coffee for me for at least 5 years. Actually, I never changed my machines because of breakdowns. I just wanted to try out the new features on the new machines. Some machines under 500 will have an aluminum boiler which is susceptible to corrosion. In such a case, you should use bottled water rather than tap water.

There are also fully automatic espresso machines under $500 which are ideal for people who are always on-the-go’. A good example is the Philips Saeco Vienna Plus Automatic Espresso Machine. This machine enabled me to brew a cup by simply pushing a button. It also had a steam wand suitable for milk frothing.

In conclusion, I loved espresso machines under 500 but I was really tempted by the new machines and their unique features. Once in a while, I find myself brewing a cup from the semi-auto machines…